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All events in Lille

All events in Lille

International stars, classical music concerts with the National Orchestra of Lille, Lille guided tours, classical and contemporary plays ... Find all the events in the calendar.
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From Wednesday 06 December 2017 to Sunday 15 April 2018

Every day except Tuesday

10:00 to 18:00

This year, the museum revives the history of "Rod Puppet" of Northern France. These puppets are a true symbol of an authentic popular culture as they used to be a major entertainment for workers. You will meet more than seventy wooden actors, their "castelets" (theatres) and learn about p...

Sunday 10 December 2017

16:00 to 18:00

From Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 December 2017

Every day except Thursday

Musical direction: Jean Deroyer / Pierre Dumoussaud Stage: Jos Houben With: Magali Arnault Stanczak, Majdouline Zerari, Nicholas Merryweather, Jean-Jacques L'Anthoën, Kate Colebrook, Guy-Loup Boisneau, Ensemble Court-Circuit

From Thursday 14 to Friday 22 December 2017

Every day

from 20:00

Leonard Bernstein's music can veritably be called the perfect antidote to gloom. From the wondrousness of Peter Pan to the two odes to New York living formed by On the town and Wonderful town, the American composer's musicals have lost nothing of their bite, to which Trouble in Tahiti, an...

From Thursday 11 to Friday 12 January 2018

from 20:00

Having laid down the foundations of minimalist music, Steve Reich and Philip Glass each went on to explore their own style. With Reich, rhythmic virtuosity was given centre stage, extending even to the orchestra in Three movements, while with Glass, there would be a return to classical tradition, in...

From Friday 12 to Wednesday 31 January 2018

Every day

From Thursday 18 to Saturday 20 January 2018

Every day except Friday

from 20:00

The Rite of Spring rings as powerfully today as ever. While Stravinsky's score no longer sets off scandals as it did when premièred in 1913, it needs performers like Alexandre Bloch, capable of bringing together a sense of the epic with rhythmic precision and rich, sensual tones. The Trib...

Friday 26 January 2018

from 20:00

All it takes are four syllables: “Ta ta ta tum” and the opening bars of Beethoven's 5th Symphony leap to mind. Preceding the eternal masterpiece at this concert will be Haydn's “Noon” and an intriguing première for serpent (the low-pitched medieval brass instrument...

From Thursday 01 to Sunday 11 February 2018

Every day

Musical direction: Claude Schnitzler Stage: Laurent Pelly With: Héloïse Mas, Yann Beuron, Christophe Mortagne, Christophe Gay, Boris Grappe, Chloé Briot, Albane Carrère, Lydie Pruvot Orchestre de Picardie Chœur de l'Opéra de Lille

Friday 02 February 2018

from 20:00

Made popular by films such as Kramer versus Kramer, Vivaldi's mandolin concertos are marvellous in their simplicity and lyricism. As soloist, the star mandolinist of our times, Israeli Avi Avital, truly gives a second life to an instrument that is still all too little-known. Brahms' Seren...
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