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La braderie de Lille

La braderie de Lille

1st week-end of September


Two days of shopping madness take place every year il Lille during the first weekend of September (from the Saturday at 2:00pm to 11:00pm on Sunday). More than one million visitors come to to Lille to experience what is undoubtedly the biggest flea market in Europe.

Just imagine that more than 100 kilometers of pavement are fully occupied non-stop for 33 hours by stallholders from the Lille, the region but also from all over Europe. Here you can buy or sell everything in a festive atmosphere. During this weekend, Lille is radically transformed: pedestrians are masters of the boulevards.

If you want to try the local cuisine of the event, do not hesitate to taste the famous "moules frites"... May be you will have a look on the pits of shells: this is the best evidence of the succes of this gastronomic and folk habit.


In French, « brader » means « sell at low cost » and it's a fact: : during the Braderie, everything can be sold or bought!
Pedestrians are the real masters  of the city during the two days and, obviously, this is the best way to reach the different districts and their peculiar offers.

Hôtel de Ville  / Saint-Sauveur : More than 5 000 people are involved in the half-marathon and other races (10 000 m and baby-marathon) on Saturday morning. All around the Paris gate, is located the non profit organisations on the place Simon Vollant.

City Centre / pedestrian areas (Rue Neuve, rue de Béthune, rue du Sec-Arembault) : Offers from the local shops (cheap prices on the summer collections).

Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Lebas : Exclusively dedicated to profesional antique dealers, as well as the boulevard Louis XIV and the rues Debierre and du Réduit.

Wazemmes : A nice and unique atmosphere on Sunday morning, when the Braderie meet the multiculti and colourful local market, all around the place de la Nouvelle Aventure.

Boulevard Victor Hugo and Moulins district (rues d’Arras, de Douai, de Cambrai et de Maubeuge) : The best district for the real second-hand goods sale, well kept by the inhabitants of the district.

Vieux Lille : The narrow street of this old district are occupied not only by nice stalls from the luxury boutiques, but also by second-hand goods sale. Here, eclecticism is a key word !

Façade de l'Esplanade : Belle brocante (furniture, bibelots and trinkets, nice tableware, collections and so on) along the river Deûle. The Champ de Mars, is the perfect place to have some fun and sensations: more than 200 machines and attractions welcome visitors on Saturday evening and even all night long until 5:00am.

Porte de Roubaix / Opéra :  This is the "Quartier des Arts".  About 30 British dealers in secondhand will welcome you in these streets: follow the Union Jack!


How to book?
- The only way to book a place is to contact the Town Hall, organiser of the event
- For more information or contact :  /  +33 (0)320 495 000
How to move in Lille during the event?
During the Braderie, pedestrians are the owners of the city!
The access to the city center by car is nearly impossible: public transports aret he best way to arrive at the heart of the event and to move during the week-end.

There is a continous tube service during the week end, including the night.
A “Pass’Braderie”, is proposed on that occasion for € 5 euros (tickets on sale from the end of August) and the “Pass’Journée” (Day Pass) is available for € 4.

More information on the Transpole website:



Coaches are allowed to park in a special area near Boulevard de Strasbourg (Wazemmes district) from Friday evening!

- Free and watched parking.
- No booking


Coaches can  be parked  at the Regional Center for Transports (CRT) in Lesquin (10 min from Lille) after dropping off passengers in the city center.
Secured parking area (open 24/7) for € 10 per day and per coach).

For more information:

200/244 Rue du Pic au Vent
50°34'54.19" / 3°06'33.27"

Contact : + 33 (0)3 20 49 68 86 - Mr Nicolas DE CLERCQ - Lille Airport

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