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Show "Le Souffle de la Terre"

Show “Le Souffle de la Terre“

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Since 1986, more than 850 volunteers from Ailly-sur-Noye and the surrounding area have offered "Le Souffle de la Terre" : a show born from the imagination of its creator and director Dominique Martens, set to music by Québec composer Dominic Laprise.

The time of an evening, in a green setting on the edges of the lake of the town, they give life to this great historical fresco: a hymn to Picardy and its inhabitants. From the ice age to contemporary times, 20,000 years of history are told in a grandiose scenography. A captivating epic where the simple gestures of ordinary life rub shoulders with warrior events. The show "Le Souffle de la Terre" speaks of the fate of a people regularly invaded, oppressed, bruised but who has tirelessly resist, rebuild, harvest and raise the arrows of its cathedrals. The emotion is always present. Costumes, sets, special effects, fireworks, symphony of water and light: the scenes are punctuated by surprises all more spectacular than the others.


Adults: € 20
Children from 5 to 12 years old: € 10
Free for children under 5

Duration: 90 minutes

Dates and times: Fridays and Saturdays at 9:30 pm from August 24th to September 22nd, 2018

The show is presented on a site of 4 hectares at the edge of the water of Ailly-sur-Noye, 20 minutes south of Amiens.
From the A16 motorway: Exit n ° 17 - Ailly-sur-Noye.
From the A29 motorway: Exit n ° 32 - Ailly-sur-Noye / Saint-Fuscien.
Free parking for buses and private cars.

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