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Printemps de l'Art Déco

The belfy, 360° view of the 20's-30's

  • Beffroi de Lille
  • Cloche beffroi Lille
  • Lydéric beffroi de Lille
  • Cage d'ascenseur beffroi de Lille
  • Pavé de verre beffroi de Lille
  • Mécanisme ascenseur beffroi de Lille
Beffroi de LilleCloche beffroi LilleLydéric beffroi de LilleCage d'ascenseur beffroi de LillePavé de verre beffroi de LilleMécanisme ascenseur beffroi de Lille
The belfry of the town hall of Lille demonstrates the ambition of the municipality in the 1930s as well as the architectural feats of the time. From its top and accompanied by a guide, come and overlook the city, redeveloped at that time.

Visits organized as part of the "Printemps de l'Art déco" event
Guided tour in French only

Dates: Thursdays April 7th, May 5th and 19th at 12.00 am
Duration 45 minutes

Single price: € 9
Free for children under 6 years old

Online booking is not possible for the same day: for bookings within 24 hours, you can reach our team by phone at +33 (0) 359 579 400.
  • Transportation :
    • Pedestrian tour
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