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The great classics

The Old Lille in French

  • Ilot Comtesse
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Ilot Comtessemaxime-dufour-photographies-9011-34286vieillebourse-angle-maxime-dufour-photographies-34288palaisrihour4-maxime-dufour-photographies-3428963f84cdaef6a472392ba2ea3d5d671bb-312315

Discover the city's oldest district!

As you wander through the squares, buildings and narrow streets, your tour guide will tell you all about Lille's eventful history, from the Middle Ages to the present day. From the city's emergence as part of the county of Flanders to its metamorphosis as a regional and European capital, you'll discover spaces and buildings that have been developed, built and transformed over the centuries.

Crenellated gables, mullioned windows, the interplay of brick and stone, the opulence or sobriety of the decorations all bear witness to the influences at work at different times: Flemish style, Flamboyant Gothic, Renaissance, Classicism, Neo-Gothic, as well as a few examples of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and contemporary architecture.
The Palais Rihour, the Vieille Bourse, the cathedral, as well as rows of houses and well-known shops, are all witnesses to the city's evolution.
You'll be amazed by the atmosphere in Vieux-Lille, the beating heart of the city from its very beginnings, where it's great to stroll, watch, meet, enjoy, shop and party all year round!

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