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The main events in Lille

The main events in Lille

Among the many events held in Lille, the Lille flea market which is held on the first weekend in September and brings together more than 2 million people, the Christmas Market and its 80 wooden chalets full of gift ideas as well major exhibitions at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Lille, in the LaM in Villeneuve d'Ascq or La Piscine Museum in Roubaix.
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From Sunday 30 June to Thursday 22 August 2019

Every day

Throughout the years, Clef de Soleil has become one of the main events of the Lille summer. The Lille inhabitants who stay in their city during the holiday season as well as the many tourists who visit the Capital of Flanders, can all enjoy a high quality musical event, renowned both nationally and...

From Saturday 31 August to Sunday 01 September 2019

Imagine 100 kilometres of sidewalks occupied by stallholders, from the city and from all over Europe. Ever since medieval times, when the valets obtained the right to hold an annual sale of their masters'cast-off clothes and belongings, every-thing has been for sale and for purchase here....

From Wednesday 02 to Sunday 06 October 2019

Every day

All year long 2020

Every day

In October 2017, Lille Metropole was designated as World Design Capital after being shortlisted with Sydney, a platform previously held in Mexico, Taipei and Cape Town. This marks the beginning of a process that will leave a deep impact on our territory. Far more than a cultural programme, it ...

From Saturday 27 April to Sunday 01 December 2019

Every day

In 2004, Lille became the European Capital of Culture. An extraordinary event that profoundly changed the image of the City of Lille and the Lille Eurodistrict. lillle3000 is sustaining and further developing this dynamic. After Bombaysers de Lille (2006), Europe XXL (2209), Fantastic (2012) and ...

From Wednesday 27 March to Monday 22 July 2019

Every day except Tuesday

10:00 to 18:00

It all began with a small dispute between goddesses: Athena, Hera and Aphrodite all coveted the golden apple. The Trojan Paris, the judge in their quarrel, ruled that that the apple should go to Aphrodite, who offered him the love of Helen, the most beautiful of mortals. Paris abducted the latter ...

From Wednesday 13 March to Tuesday 11 June 2019

Every day except Monday

10:00 to 18:00

Following the success of the exhibition Modigliani: The Inner Eye in 2016, LaM is devoting the spring of 2019 to a figure regarded as one of the greatest artists of the twentieth century: Alberto Giacometti. This outstanding retrospective will bring together over 150 works under one roof for an ...
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