CCI BelfryCCI Belfry
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Belfries and town hall take to the skies

A true masterpiece by architect Émile Dubuisson, Lille’s town hall was built in 1932. This colossus of brick and concrete respects the codes of Art Deco architecture. It impresses with its dimensions and the care taken with its interior and exterior ornamentation. Listed as a Monument Historique in 2002, its belfry has been a UNECO World Heritage Site since 2005. From its 104-metre height, admire Lille, its metropolis and beyond.

The belfry of the town hall

Inaugurated on October 16, 1932, Lille’s belfry was conceived as a work of art. Noble materials such as wrought iron, marble and wood, as well as concrete, are used to reveal the wealth of local know-how. As you enter, climb the 415 steps, catching your breath at each landing, to make sure you don’t miss a single anecdote about this soon-to-be century-old building. Alternatively, take the authentic elevator. At the top, you’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama!

The chamber belfry de Commerce et d'Industrie

Designed by architect Louis-Marie Cordonnier in a neo-regionalist style inspired by Flemish architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries, the Lille CCI was originally intended to replace the Vieille Bourse. If you’re lucky enough to get inside, admire its majestic dome above the main hall. Its paintings and stained-glass windows pay tribute to the region’s powerful commercial and industrial activity. Its 76-meter-high belfry magnifies the landscape of the Place du Théâtre. Every noon, listen attentively as the 25 bells of its carillon play the melody of the “P’tit Quinquin”.

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