La Piscine MuseumLa Piscine Museum
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La Piscine Museum of Art and Industry

Roubaix’s municipal swimming pool was inaugurated in 1932. This splendid Art Deco building closed its doors in 1985, to be replaced in 2001 by La Piscine – Musée d’art et d’industrie André Diligent. This museum showcases a wide range of artistic movements, presenting diverse collections of textiles, sculptures, paintings, contemporary and older works in all styles. Don’t miss the sublime stained-glass windows overlooking the basin.

A swimming pool Art Deco

In 1932, construction work was completed on the municipal swimming pool in rue des Champs, designed by architect Albert Baert. At the time, residents enjoyed a sumptuous indoor swimming area, the only Olympic facility in the conurbation. Above all, it was the only place to meet and mix social classes, which were already very fractured at the time. Its doors closed in 1985, due to the fragility of its roof.

A museum united

After 3 years of renovation, the museum welcomed its very first visitors in 2001. The renovation and conservation of the décor and design of the spaces are absolutely masterful. Over the years, La Piscine has made a name for itself, particularly in Great Britain, with whom the museum often collaborates to offer exhibitions of breathtaking richness.

Whether you’re an art lover or not, visit this museum to immerse yourself in the spirit of this former swimming pool, a vestige of its era.