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Sweet treats to be consumed without moderation

If the words “cramique”, “coquille” or “merveilleux” are still unfamiliar to you in gastronomic terms, let us describe them to you. Discover the pastry specialties that make Lille the ideal destination for sugar-lovers.

Sweet treats to crunch without hesitation

  • The Lille waffle

Forget everything you think you know about waffles. In Lille, they’re flat and generously filled with traditional vergeoise. They come in a variety of flavors: speculoos, vanilla, coffee, etc. The best waffles can be tasted at the market or at the Méert patisserie in Vieux-Lille.

  • Cramique

This is a brioche, traditionally with raisins, sugar or chocolate chips. Baking it gives it a soft, delicious texture. For breakfast, afternoon tea or dessert, there’s always room for a generous slice of cramique!

  • The shell

This is a small brioche with butter and sugar, eaten on St. Nicholas’ Day or at Christmas. It’s also called “little Jesus” because of its shape.

  • Sugar tart

Yes, you read that right, but it’s not just a pie crust with sugar on top. It’s actually a buttery brioche pastry, with vergeoise on top and cream. Delicious!

  • Vergeoise

Often confused with brown sugar (cane sugar), vergeoise is made from beet sugar. It is used in most pastry recipes, such as crêpes, waffles and French toast. Its distinctive taste makes all the difference.

  • Le merveilleux

These delicious meringues coated in buttercream and chocolate shavings have become a staple of the patisserie “Aux Merveilleux de Fred”, which has its origins in Vieux-Lille. You’ll also discover a whole range of marvels prepared before your very eyes.

  • The lady’s palet

This deliciously moist cookie, flavored with rum or orange blossom, is served with a glaze on top. It’s the ideal dessert for those with discriminating palates. The palet de dame goes very well with tea or coffee at the end of a meal.

Where can find any?

In most traditional bakeries and patisseries.

You won’t find all the specialties of the North in every establishment, but some delicacies are almost unmissable, like the merveilleux, the tarte au sucre or the cramique. Taste them and let us know what you think!

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, you’ll want to visit one of Lille’s many cafés and tearooms.

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