Palais RihourPalais Rihour
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Rihour Palace Heritage of the Dukes of Burgundy

It’s one of the city’s oldest monuments, and one of the few remaining vestiges of flamboyant Gothic architecture in Lille. Its construction was ordered in 1453 by Philippe Le Bon, Duke of Burgundy. After multiple fires and the impact of war, the Palais has survived the passage of time, but today only the chapel, the 15th-century staircase and the guardroom, which houses the Lille Tourist Office, remain.

Originally a huge residential palace

Settling near the Grand Place in the 15th century was both strategic and symbolic. Indeed, this is where all commercial exchanges take place. The idea of building a vast, elegant edifice there made sense to Philippe Le Bon. This gigantic residence occupied the entire Place Rihour as we know it today.

A long history

First a princely palace, then a town hall in 1664, the Palais Rihour lived out its glorious years in the 17th century. Its geographical position, imposing appearance and the interest shown by the city in this building were absolutely virtuous. Sadly, the building’s reconstruction failed to materialize due to fire: only the 15th-century parts and a section of 19th-century wall have been preserved.

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