Villa CavroisVilla Cavrois
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Villa Cavrois the quintessential modern château

An architectural manifesto, Villa Cavrois is the emblematic work of modernist architect Robert Mallet-Stevens. Designed and built for Paul Cavrois, a textile industrialist from the Nord region of France, and his family, the specifications for this modern château commissioned in 1929 were clear: “air, light, work, sports, hygiene, comfort and economy”.

A splendid renaissance

In 1986, on the death of Madame Cavrois, the villa was sold to a property developer whose plan was to build on the entire plot. All the furniture designed by the architect Mallet-Stevens was soon auctioned off.

In 1990, an association for the preservation of the Villa enabled it to be classified as a historic monument. However, the building was abandoned for several years. In 2001, the French government decided to start restoration work, which began 2 years later. The colossal research and renovation work, carried out in 2008 by the Centre National des Monuments Historiques, was completed in 2015. In the former garage, a 25-minute film recounts all the steps taken to restore the building to its former glory… and its furniture.

A real castle modern

The view of the Villa from the park and pond is absolutely breathtaking. It’s an opportunity to admire the architectural techniques, shapes and dimensions of the building. Inside, all the furnishings are designed as genuine works of art. This gigantic house was home to many technological marvels for its time, including elevators, telephones and central heating in every room.

Discover without further ado this jewel of modern architecture, which never ceases to amaze us with the ongoing work of reconstituting its furnishings.

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