Colorful houses behind the Treille, Place GillesonColorful houses behind the Treille, Place Gilleson
©Colorful houses behind the Treille, Place Gilleson|Laurent Javoy - Hello Lille

Discover Old Lille where it all began

Directly accessible from the city center, Vieux-Lille has become a must-see destination in just a few years. Its charming cobbled streets, small boutiques and breathtaking history all contribute to the reputation of this picturesque district.

A neighborhood genuine

Remarkably restored, Old Lille seduces with its flamboyant architecture. Its bold, softly colored facades highlight the exuberance and profusion of the decor. Breathe in the aroma of maroilles from the estaminets on rue de Gand, admire the hospice Comtesse on rue de la Monnaie, or treat yourself to waffles at Meert on rue Esquermoise. The best way to visit Vieux-Lille is to first get lost, then take a guided tour to learn about the city’s origins.

Take a break at the Quai du Wault

Vieux-Lille is appreciated for its vistas, stores and festive energy. Enjoy a magnificent sunset on the Quai du Wault. This former port was a major trading center with neighboring countries, via the banks of the Haute-Deûle. Today, it’s the ideal spot for a waterside picnic, before a stroll to the citadel or a spot of shopping in Vieux-Lille.