Parc de la CitadelleParc de la Citadelle
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Lille in 3 days Whether you're on a city break or an extended weekend, treat yourself!

The perfect destination for long weekends, Lille is packed with things to see and do. Take advantage of its gastronomy by sampling a number of local specialties, its culture by visiting one of the many current exhibitions, but also its brewing heritage, its street art, its architecture and its breathtaking landscapes.

Lille and its neighborhoods

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  • Get your bearings in the city with the City Tour, a convertible coach equipped with an audiovisual system translated into 9 languages, which takes you on a tour of Lille's must-see sites and monuments. It's a rich and comprehensive visit that's sure to determine the rest of your excursion.

The town hall belfry

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  • To better understand and admire the city and its surroundings, take a bird's eye view of the city's tallest monument: the Town Hall belfry. From the belvedere, you can see all of Lille's remarkable monuments. On a clear day, you can see the slag heaps and the Flanders mountains on the horizon.

The citadel and its park

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  • It's the city's green lung, and the starting point for great walks and bike rides along the waterways. Within these 110 hectares of nature, you'll find everything you need to enjoy the great outdoors: walking trails, a zoo, an amusement park, guided tours of the citadel and water sports activities.

La Piscine, museum of art and industry

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  • Until a few decades ago, Roubaix's former municipal swimming pool was home to Roubaix residents, whether managers or weavers, who came alone or with their families. The Art Deco building then became a superb museum, displaying a wide variety of works. Keep an eye out for temporary exhibitions, which renew the program each season.

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Villa Cavrois

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  • It's an architectural gem that almost never regained its original splendor. The Villa Cavrois is Robert Mallet-Stevens's masterpiece. During your visit, observe the architect's genius and discover how this building is an example of 1930s modernity. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the villa has a moving history that leaves its mark on visitors.

La Manufacture

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  • Northern France has long been renowned for its textile industry. La Manufacture, musée de la mémoire et de la création textile invites you into a former factory to discover the weaver's craft, which was practiced by tens of thousands of workers in the metropolis just a few decades ago. Machines, techniques and raw materials are presented in an authentic setting.

The Battle of Fromelles Museum

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  • This is the most important place of remembrance in the Lille area. A vestige of a bloody battle between the Australian and British armies and the German army, this museum displays objects, images and reconstructions, allowing you to immerse yourself in this sad episode of the Great War. Testimonies, graves, objects, uniforms... pay tribute to these soldiers by discovering their story.

The "Grand Lille" bike tour

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  • Le Grand Huit promotes soft mobility and offers you an itinerary that allows you to cycle around Greater Lille, taking in emblematic sites and monuments such as LaM, the Piscine museum, Villa Cavrois, the Fretin marshes and the Mosaïc park. Warm up your calves and discover Lille's heritage and green spaces.